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Lester's Story

My passion for healthy food and becoming (more) healthy with the right food originated at a relatively young age. My father has an enormous high blood pressure, which entails health risks. My biggest nightmare is losing someone dear. This has decided me to think carefully about how I could help my father.

Nutrition plays an enormous role in the well-being of the human body. You are what you eat. With this fear-fueled new interest, I started to delve into nutrition with the mission to make my father healthier.

The relevant nutrition books and studies gave me a good insight into the problems concerning nutrition. For example, I got to know the term “trans fats” which left a terrible impression on me. There are a lot of misconceptions about what is healthy. Every year there seems to be an exponential cause in food gurus who think they have found the egg of Columbus. From my technical background I always try to discuss matter based on facts and scientific substantiation.

Healthy Courage

There are certainly natural natural healthy substances, but in my opinion there is no unambiguous natural panacea that will immediately make you healthy. Healthy courage will always have to be central. I do believe that nature can provide us with a range of healthy ingredients, which are often underestimated. With the knowledge gained in mind, I learned to cook healthily every day for my father. Where the art for me was to make it as simple as possible. After only a short period of time, we noticed measurable health benefits.

Importantly around the same time my interest in power sport grew. And what turned out? Here too, nutrition plays an enormous role. You can actually train so well, if the body does not get the right building blocks and rust sufficiently, the full growth potential will not be utilized. “You are what you eat” is just as good here. Advanced my fanatic sporting period, natural nutritional supplements have been an excellent addition to my body needs. After thorough research, I knew exactly which diet and additional nutrients I had to take in to grow in a healthy way in muscle mass and endurance.

Many nutrients can be obtained from our regular diet, but I believe that supplemental nutritional supplements can certainly promote the general health of humans and can also provide more convenience and motivation when dieting.

The Birth of Prásino

The interest in healthy natural new food supplements brought me into contact with the Cannabis plant in 2017. This age-old plant is praised for its possible health benefits. Various studies show the potential of the substance Cannabidiol Burstein et al (2015)Osborne et al. (2017)Kaplan et al. (2017) & Pisanti et al. (2017).. After being a bit skeptical, the very positive experience with CBD of a dear person helped me to discuss what to do with the “panacea”.

In the CBD edible sector (edible CBD variants), the well-known CBD gummy bears and other candy varieties dominated mid-September 2018, which may be high in carbohydrates. This is when Prásino was found. Prásino (Greek for green) has the mission to improve the quality of life by delivering healthy CBD superfood blends. We believe that combining two healthy worlds, Superfoods & Cannabidiol, can provide synergy.

We hope you enjoy our range and find these products work for you, just like me and countless others of our happy customers.




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Founder Prásino

"We from Prásino, in everything that we do, we aim for a healthier and more conscious sustainable oriented society. We believe that this can be achieved through holism while keeping an eye on simplicity. The way we challenge this is through developing proven healthy, sustainable, yet simple products that improve the quality of life. After all you become what you eat."


We from Prásino are dedicated to improve the quality of life through developing healthy superfood CBD-blends using only proven ingredients.


Our vision is to bring to the world a portfolio of quality CBD superfood blends that anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs.


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