The Story

Lester Rietveld

Gathering information about potential healthy new natural food supplements who could improve the quality of life, energizes me daily!

Bauke de Heer

The financial director with in-depth knowledge of finance.

Inspired by corresponding core values.

During a breezy hot summer day in august 2018, two good friends were enjoying a lovely day together. These four ambitious gentlemen go by the names of; Bauke & Lester. These gentlemen shared the thought that “you are what you eat” and they all love their daily portion of superfoods to balance their vitamin intake. As with all conversations, great thoughts were shared and discussed. Which happened to be about CBD this specific day. 

Inspired by all the successful stories from people using CBD around them, they found out that they shared the same thoughts about CBD. That It has the potential to be a revolutionary ingredient in our daily life. At that moment in time, there were multiple ways to dose and take your daily dose of CBD. Most of them were oil based. The edibles who existed around that period where mostly based on candies. Candies who are high in simple carbs.

The elevated interest in CBD and the daily usage of Super Foods formed the idea of Prásino; making Super Foods CBD solutions. The young ambitious entrepreneurial gentlemen founded Prásino with the mission to improve general life quality on an easy to use way by enhancing healthy food solutions in a high quality way.

Furthermore, Prásino wishes to stay connected with society, with you. So if you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to message us.



We from Prásino are dedicated to improve the quality of life through developing healthy superfood CBD-blends using only proven ingredients.


Our vision is to bring to the world a portfolio of quality CBD superfood blends that anticipate and satisfy people’s desires and needs.

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