The Average adult human body is about 60% water. Water and Oil don't mix well. Why should you take CBD then in an oil form? Enter Water-Soluble (Hydro) CBD... Our Used CBD.

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Hydro Cannabidiol

Made by A New Technology

The main reason that we use water-soluble CBD in our product is to ensure a higher bioavailability for you.

Bioavailability is an indicator how much of any given substance is actually able to be absorbed by the body. A substance delivered intravenously is assumed to have 100% bioavailability, and other routes of administration are compared to the intravenous route as a ratio for the percentage bioavailability.

Due how the first-pass metabolism system works in our body, CBD in its natural oil state can’t be absorbed fully. 

The first pass effect greatly decreases the bioavailability of CBD oil when swallowed. So, unfortunately, nearly all CBD-oil capsules that you see on the market will have very poor absorption rates. 

One of the primary ways to overcome the first-pass effect is to convert the naturally oil-soluble CBD extract into a water-soluble form. This makes total sense, especially when considering the fact that the average adult is 60% water.

So how does this work?

By converting the typical CBD oil to a water-soluble powder, the fatty oil is broken down into tiny, micro-sized pieces. These pieces of oil are very, very small, and are encapsulated within other non-toxic materials to ensure they remain stable in this new form. The end result of this process is an off-white, water-soluble, micro-encapsulated, full-spectrum, CBD hemp extract.

This product conversion process method is well-known in the regular medicine industry and it completely overcomes the first-pass effect. So when orally taken, the bioavailability isn’t scarified.

By using water-soluble CBD we can ensure you  that the CBD as advertised on our product has a very high bioavailability and therefore you will get more value.

The fairly new technology within the industry to produce water-soluble CBD ensures that our CBD powder extract is totally soluble in water without leaving any traces. Prásino uses this revolutionary new technology to ensure your blend mixes smoothly in your daily portion of yoghurt.

The most common complaint that is heard about when using CBD oil is the taste of the drops. While some actually like what is typically an “earthy” taste, others find the taste unbearable. Experienced CBD oil users share tips and tricks how to get rid of this typical taste.

Our used Water-Soluble CBD has no odor nor does it posses a typical taste. Combined within our products the superfoods give you beside all the benefits a superior tasty experience!

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