Frequently asked questions

Using CBD with superfoods gives a complementary effect to each other. The benefits of using CBD are different in each product we sell. For more information we kindly refer you to the Product Page.  Here you will find information about the specific product and the desired effect.

There is a small recipe book included with every package of 500g. Besides these recipes, we recommend mixing the blend with either yoghurt or cottage cheese.

This truly depends on how your body reacts to the blend. We have experienced cases where it takes effect within 5 days, but there were also cases where it takes up to three weeks to take effect. If don’t experience any improvement, gradually try taking bigger doses until you do.

Prásino only recently started up and we are currently not looking for employees. With the expansion of the company there will be new job oppurtunities and internships available. 

If you wish to contact us about job opportunities anyways, we kindly refer you to the Contact page.

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