Our Quality

How do we ensure quality?

We ensure our quality by constantly doing optical testing such as looking for inconsistencies in our products, in the products of our vendors and in the final product.

We select our vendors based on ratings and experience so we only use the finest products for our CBD-Superfood blends. Also, we work in a HACCP-certified environment to minimize any contaminations in our products.

Why do we do these quality checks?

We from Prásino believe that quality is key, that’s why high quality products are very important to us. Achieving high quality can only be done by frequently improving and testing our products.

To prevent any issues we are strictly working according to the HACCP law regulations.

"Innovation, quality and durability are the keys to success."


For us at Prásino, it’s very important to stay connected to our suppliers at all times. Traceability within our Supply Chain is one of the most important parts of being able to make a good quality product. If a product doesn’t meet our expectations of quality, we can trace the product back to the source and find out why the quality has changed.

When the quality of these products consistently don’t meet our expectations, we will find another supplier to make sure that you, the customer, always get the best Prásino product that you know and love.


We are always making sure that the quality of our product is consistent. Because of this, we examine, taste and smell each batch before packaging. 

We have a strict quality control with multiple control points, which means that whenever we stumble upon a calamity, we react quickly. To prevent the calamity from happening again in the future, we have an evergoing Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle going on. 


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