Terms & Conditions

1. Applicability of these conditions 

1.1 These general terms and conditions are made available to you in such a way that you can easily save them on a durable medium. At your request these general terms and conditions will be sent free of charge by electronic means or otherwise.

1.2 We advise you to make and keep a printout of these conditions or to save a digital copy. We may adjust these terms from time to time. When placing a new order the current version of these terms and conditions applies. Please refer to the current version of these terms and conditions for each order.

2. Identity of the entrepreneur and contact details

2.1 Prasíno, hereinafter referred to as “we” or “Producer” established in Alkmaar

Registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Alkmaar
Chamber of Commerce number: 68430582 

Address: Lagedijk 12C, 1544 BG in Zaandijk
VAT number 857437938B01

Mail: info@prasinocbd.com; Telephone number: 06 17 17 18 92   

Applicable professional rules:
Dutch Advertising Code (www.reclamecode.nl)

3. Our Products

3.1 The current prices of our products can be found on the Website.
The prices include VAT, unless stated otherwise. Delivery costs will be charged depending on the number of products you order. The delivery costs and any additional costs are stated on the Website. If you do not agree with the delivery costs and / or the total amount, you can cancel the order procedure. If you complete the ordering process, you will owe the total price including delivery costs.

3.2 During the period mentioned in the offer, the prices of the offered products and / or services will not be increased, except for price changes due to changes in VAT rates or other statutory regulations or provisions.
Notwithstanding the previous paragraph, we can offer products or services whose prices are subject to fluctuations on the financial market and where we do not have an influence with variable prices.

4. Establishment of the agreement and payment

4.1 The agreement is established as soon as we receive your order via the order form on the Website and you meet the conditions set. During the ordering process, you can check the data and correct any input errors. Read and verify each page of the order procedure before clicking further. It is possible to order several products at the same time. We are entitled to refuse orders for products with different delivery times.

4.2 The payment options are stated on the order pages. Payments are made via a so-called “payment service provider”. The terms and conditions of the payment service provider apply to the payment process.

4.3 At the conclusion of the agreement the amount due will be charged. You can not assert any right to the execution of the relevant order or service (s) and / or any compensation, before we have received the payment.

4.4 After receiving your order we will send you a confirmation by e-mail (the “Confirmation e-mail”). This confirmation email contains the essential elements of the agreement. You can print and save the Confirmation mail. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within one working day after you have filled in the order form on the website, no agreement has been concluded and we request you to contact us via the contact form.

4.5 We can – within the legal framework – inform you whether you can meet your payment obligations, as well as all those facts and factors that are important for a responsible conclusion of the distance contract. If on the basis of this investigation we have good reasons not to enter into the agreement, we may refuse an order or request or attach special conditions to the execution.

4.6 The following applies to all products on the Website: while stocks last. If we no longer deliver the product, we reserve the right to terminate the purchase; if this situation arises, we will inform you by e-mail.

5. Delivery

5.1 The place of delivery is the address in the Netherlands that you have made known to us in the order form on the Website.

5.2 The delivery is carried out by a postal or courier company. In the Confirmation e-mail you will find the expected delivery date. We are not liable for delays in delivery or incorrect delivery.

6. Right of withdrawal for consumers

6.1 If you are a consumer, you can terminate (revoke) the agreement regarding the purchase of a product during a cooling off period of 14 days. We may ask you voluntarily to inform us of the reason for this; you are under no obligation to state the reason to us.

6.2 The reflection period referred to in paragraph 1 starts as soon as you or a third party designated by you, who is not the carrier / delivery person, receives the product, or – if you have ordered several products in the same order – the day on which you, or a third party designated by you has received the last product of this order. Barring proof to the contrary, all ordered products of one order are deemed to have been delivered at the same time.

6.3 During the cooling-off period, you will handle the product and the packaging carefully. You will only unpack or use the product to the extent that is reasonably necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of the product. The basic principle here is that the product can only be treated and viewed as is customary in a shop.

6.4 You are only liable for the depreciation of the product that is the result of a way of handling the product that goes further than described in article 6.3.

6.5 You can terminate the agreement by completing the enclosed form completely and returning it within the reflection period of 14 days to the address stated on the form. You can also dissolve the agreement by sending a registered letter with the same information within the 14-day cooling-off period to the address stated in the instruction accompanying the form. You can also choose other ways of shipping, eg shipping by ordinary mail. The law stipulates that the burden of proof for the correct and timely transmission of this statement rests on the consumer. That is why we recommend shipping by ordinary mail.

6.6 If you make use of this right of withdrawal for consumers, you must return the products well packaged, complete and in their original condition to:


T.a.v. Department Return

1817 MN in Alkmaar

This must be done as quickly as possible, but in any case within 14 days after the notification referred to in article 6.5.

6.7 The following products and services are excluded from the right of withdrawal:
a. Sealed products which for reasons of health protection or hygiene are not suitable to be returned and of which the seal has been broken after delivery;
b. Products manufactured by you that are not prefabricated and that are manufactured on the basis of an individual choice or decision by you or that are clearly intended for a specific person;
c. Products that spoil quickly or have a limited shelf life;
d. Products whose price has been agreed upon at the conclusion of the agreement, but the delivery of which can only take place after 30 days, and whose real value depends on fluctuations of the market on which we have no influence;
e. other products and services mentioned in article 6: 230p of the Dutch Civil Code.

7. Consequences of return or withdrawal

7.1 If you return a product to us because it is defective, we will send you a replacement product without further costs. In that case you will not receive the purchase price and shipping costs of the original product.

7.2 If you revoke (terminate) the agreement with due observance of Article 6 and do not wish to receive a replacement product, we reimburse or credit the purchase price paid by you, including any delivery costs and other amounts you have paid us for the product returned to us. , within 14 days after we have received the correctly completed and timely submission of withdrawal form or comparable document. Unless we offer to collect the product ourselves, we may wait with refund until we have received the product back or until you can prove that you have returned the product to the address mentioned in article 6.6, whichever is earlier.

7.3 We will contact you for the method of reimbursement, unless we use the same payment method that you have used for the reimbursement.

7.4 If you have opted for a more expensive method of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery, the additional costs for the more expensive method will not be refunded.

8. Intellectual property rights

8.1 The content of the Website, the data included therein, images, sounds, texts and combinations thereof, apps and other software are protected by copyright, trademark and database rights. These rights are vested in Prasíno or the relevant beneficiary.

8.2 You may only use the Website in accordance with the purpose of these terms and conditions. Without the prior written permission of Prasíno it is not permitted to reproduce, copy, multiply, produce derivative works or exploit them in any way whatsoever.

9. Privacy and cookies

9.1 We request your data at a number of locations on the Website. Of course we are very careful with the data you leave behind. The data is recorded in a file that complies with the Personal Data Protection Act.

9.2 Data will not be made available to third parties without your consent for a purpose other than the purpose for which you provided the data. Our employees are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your data.

9.3 If you wish to be removed from the database, you can indicate this via the contact form on the website. In that case the personal data will be deleted as soon as possible.

9.4 There is also the possibility to view your personal data, to have them removed, or to make changes to them, if these are not stated correctly or incompletely.

10. Liability (exoneration clause)

10.1 Despite the constant care and attention paid to the composition of the Website and the products offered, Prasíno can not guarantee the completeness, correctness or continuous topicality of the data and images. Prasíno accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage, of whatever nature, arising from or in any way related to the use of the site, (in) accessibility of the Website, and products purchased via the Website.

The above exclusions of liabilities from Prasíno also apply to all third parties engaged by Prasíno.

10.2 E-mails and other information sent via the Internet are exclusively intended for the addressee. Use of this information by others than the addressee is not permitted. Prasíno is not responsible for the correct and complete transmission of the content of sent e-mails or for timely receipt thereof.

10.3 We make every effort to ensure as far as possible that the Website and any files offered via the Website are virus-free, but a guarantee can not be given.

10.4 We are not liable for technical data provided by suppliers or manufacturers and non-foreseeable and reasonably uncontrollable poor quality of the products.

10.5 If in any case, despite the above, we are liable for any damage, we only accept liability insofar as this liability is limited to the amount of the relevant invoice.

11. Force Majeure

11.1 Prasíno and consumer / customer can suspend the obligations under the agreement during the period that the force majeure continues. If this period lasts longer than two months, each of the parties is entitled to dissolve the agreement, without any obligation to compensate the other party for damage.

11.2 Force majeure means in these general terms and conditions in addition to what is understood in the law and jurisprudence, all external causes, on which Prasíno can not exert influence, which can not be attributed to us and which prevents the fulfillment of the agreement, or to such a serious obstacle or to make it objectionable that this fulfillment can not reasonably be required of us.

12. Indemnity

12.1 By using the Website you indemnify Prasíno against all claims relating to non-compliance with these conditions by you.

13. Final provisions

13.1 Complaints about the performance of the agreement can be submitted to us fully and clearly described within a reasonable time after you have discovered defects in the delivered product or service.

13.2 Articles 6 and 7 shall not apply if the buyer is acting for purposes related to his trade, business, craft or profession.

13.3 Prasíno may transfer the rights and obligations from the agreement with you to a third party.

13.4 Dutch law is exclusively applicable to all our offers and agreements.


Model instruction for dissolution / cancellation

Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days without giving any reason.

The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you or a third party designated by you, who is not the carrier, physically receive the good; for contracts where the consumer has ordered several goods in the same order that are delivered separately, the withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you or a third party designated by you, who is not the carrier, physically owns the last good.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must notify us, Prásino CBD Solutions, by means of an unambiguous statement (eg written by post, fax or e-mail) of your decision to revoke the agreement. You can use the attached model withdrawal form for this, but you are not obliged to do so. You can also use the contact details below.

T.a.v. Consumer Contact & Care
1817 MN in Alkmaar

In order to comply with the withdrawal period, it is sufficient to send your communication regarding your exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired.

Consequences of the cancellation

If you revoke the contract, you will receive all payments you have made up to that moment, including delivery costs (with the exception of any additional costs resulting from your choice for a different method of delivery than the cheapest standard delivery that we offer). in any case not later than 14 days after we have been informed of your decision to withdraw from the contract, from us back. We will pay you back with the same payment method with which you made the original transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any case, you will not be charged for such reimbursement. We may wait with reimbursement until we have received the goods back, or you have shown that you have returned the goods, whichever comes first.

You must immediately return the goods to us without delay, but in any event not later than 14 days after the day on which you notify us of the decision to cancel the agreement:

T.a.v. Consumer Contact & Care
1817 MN in Alkmaar

Return or hand over. You are on time if you return the goods before the 14-day period has expired.

You are only liable for the depreciation of the goods resulting from the use of the goods, which goes beyond what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods.